Meeting Notice and Agenda for 6/25/21 Meeting

The Special Commission on Correctional Funding will be holding a meeting on Friday, June 25, 2021 at 11:00a.m. The virtual meeting will be livestreamed on Zoom and may be viewed by the public at the following link: Commissioners will receive a separate invitation to attend as panelists.

The Agenda for this meeting is as follows:

  1. Introduction of Commissioners  
  2. Approval of Minutes from 6/11/21
  3. Review task matrix  
    1. Status update from NIC on staffing analysis written reports
    1. Status update from Carrie Hill on Ch 69 matrix, and sheriff asset inventories from Comptroller’s office
    1. Status update from Ben Forman and Emi Joy on analyses
  4. Presentation from Mental Health/ Substance Use Subcommittee
  5. Set next meeting date(s)