Minutes from 9/10 Meeting

Special Commission on Correctional Funding Minutes 
Friday, September 10, 2021, at 10 AM 
(virtual meeting) 

Commissioners Present: 

  • Chair Day 
  • Chair Brownsberger 
  • Commissioner Joy 
  • Commissioner Preston 
  • Commissioner Cowdell 
  • Commissioner Coppinger 
  • Commissioner Morton 
  • Commissioner Keefe 
  • Commissioner Crowley 
  • Commissioner Cook  
  • Commissioner Dolan 
  • Commissioner Fattman 

Commissioners Absent: 

  • Commissioner Widmer 
  • Commissioner Whelan 
  • Commissioner Forman 
  • Commissioner Ashe  
  • Commissioner Hodgson 
  • Commissioner Spina 
  • Commissioner Horgan 

Chair Day entertained a motion to approve minutes from the August 9, 2021, meeting. Chair Brownsberger moved and Commissioner Coppinger seconded. Roll taken, with all present members approving said minutes. 

The Commission began with a review of the task matrix. 

Carrie Hill provided an update from NIC on the status of the staffing analysis reports from their pilot program. Carrie Hill explained that all four draft reports have been submitted and noted that the NIC executive summary is complete and waiting for director approval. Coppinger raised confidentiality issues with the reports and requested that the analysis be withheld from publication.  

Commissioner Joy confirmed that she and Commissioner Forman anticipate meeting the September 30th deadline for their various analyses, including staffing rations, employee costs, and funding sources. 

Commissioner Dolan noted that the Substance Use, Mental Health, and Discretionary Spending Subcommittee has collected a substantial amount of data and is in the process of consolidating, characterizing, and organizing it for further review and discussion. Commissioner Dolan opened discussion to the Commission about how to synthesize the vast amount of information collected. 

Carrie Hill reviewed the Comprehensive Funding Master Matrix and explained the coded categories. The Master Matrix includes programing that is reported to legislature and community reinvestments, not just those included in the Substance and Mental Health matrix. She recommended converting the Matrix into a living document to be updated every year. 

The Commission revised the Master Matrix to change the term “discretionary” to “community investment” where applicable in the matrix. 

Carrie Hill and Commissioner Preston provided an update on the collection of the most recent asset inventories and stated that they almost have them all.  

The Commission reviewed the remaining aspects of the task matrix and affirmed that they are on schedule to meet the self-imposed deadlines. 

Chair Day noted that the next commission meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, October 6, 2021 at 10AM. He added to the next meeting agenda a discussion of confidentiality concerns for the NIC pieces.   

Chair Day opened discussion to the Commission about timing and logistics for drafting the final report. 

Chair Day entertained a motion to adjourn the meeting. Commissioner Cook moved, Chair Brownsberger seconded. The meeting ended.  

The Commission will next meet on Wednesday, October 8, 2021, at 10AM.  

You can view the updated task matrix here.