Minutes from 11/15/19 Meeting

Commission on Corrections

November 15, 2019

I. Meeting Commences: Co-Chair’s Representative Garlick and Senator Brownsberger convene the
meeting at 11:00 AM

II. Attendance

a. Present

i. Representative Denise Garlick – Vice Chair of Ways and Means

ii. Senator Will Brownsberger – Senate President Pro Tempore

iii. Representative Timothy Whelan – Appointed by the House Minority Leader

iv. Kate Cook – Appointed by the Boston Bar Association

v. Edward Dolan – Commissioner of Probation

vi. James Morton – Appointed by Chief Justice Paula Carey

vii. Tom Preston – Deputy Commissioner of Administration, Department of Corrections

viii. Emi Joy – CFO, Executive Office of Public Safety and Security

ix. Kevin Keefe – Executive Director of Massachusetts Parole Board

x. Cristina Crowley – Appointed by Massachusetts Bar Association

xi. Mike Widmer – Appointed by the Speaker of the House

xii. Gianni Maffeo – Assistant Budget Director, Executive Office of Administration and

xiii. Essex County Sheriff Kevin F. Coppinger

xix. Bristol County Sheriff Thomas M. Hodgson

b. Absent

i. Ben Forman – Appointed by the Senate President

ii. Senator Viriato M. deMacedo – Appointed by the Senate Minority Leader

iii. Three Governor Appointments

III. Opening presentation by Sheriffs on the Commission

a. Sheriffs Coppinger and Hodgson presented to the commission an overview of their roles as
sheriffs. These presentations covered topics of prevention initiatives, entry and treatment,
and reentry challenges.

b. Following the presentations members of the commission provided questions and comments
to the sheriffs.

IV. Review of data requests to be submitted to Sheriffs and DOC

a. Sheriffs and Jim Walsh of the Massachusetts Sheriffs Association shall provide an inventory
of data available, by December 15 to Chairs of the Commission.
b. Tom Preston of the Department of Corrections shall provide an inventory of data available,
by facility, by December 15 to Chairs of the Commission.

V. Creation of subcommittees

a. Commission will meet every two to three months subcommittees must meet in between
these times and be prepared to report back to full commission

b. Finance

i. Rep. Whelan (Arranging 1st subcommittee meeting)

ii. Mike Widmer

iii. Kate Cook

iv. Sheriff Hodgson

v. Gianni Maffeo

vi. Sheriff Coppinger

c. MAT Program

i. Sheriff Coppinger (Arranging 1st subcommittee meeting)

ii. Kevin Keefe

d. Data Analysis

i. Tom Preston (Arranging 1st subcommittee meeting)

ii. Commissioner Dolan

iii. James Morton

iv. Emi Joy

e. General programming

i. Cristina Crowley (Arranging 1st subcommittee meeting)

ii. Sheriff Hodgson

iii. Kevin Keefe

VI. Additional Tasks to be Completed

a. Confirm agenda and details for January 24 meeting

b. Communicate charges for each subcommittee

VII. Meeting Adjourned at 12:29PM